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You are a busy home builder.
Let us help you with Utah energy efficiency testing.

You have plans to approve, city council meetings to attend, land to buy and a trades to manage. You know passing energy code is important; not just for producing a high-quality product, but also because of cash incentives. But who has the time to run the tests, compile the paperwork and submit what's needed for the rebate?

You focus on building and hire us to take care of your energy efficiency tests and rebates.

Step 1 - Test the property for energy efficiency

We Test the Property

We test your building & send you a comprehensive efficiency report

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We Process Paperwork

We fill out and submit all pertinent paperwork in conjunction with your development

Step 3

You Receive a Rebate

Within 6-8 weeks you'll receive your rebate check in the mail. Super easy. No hassle.

Developer Revates up to $900 through Building Science West
Building Science West Building Testing Services

Residental Energy Efficiency Tests

If you are a residential home builder, you know there are Utah energy efficiency testing standards that are required to pass code. In addition, when homes meet certain criteria, you can receive rebates from Rocky Mountain Power and Dominion Energy, that total as much as $900 per house.

Building code trends and consumer awareness have long been pointing to increased energy efficiency requirements for new homes. We use a variety of tests to qualify new homes for utility rebates including Blower Door and a Duct Blaster Tests. For builders looking to qualify for rebates based on (HERS) scores, we supply the needed Energy Modeling and apply for the rebates on behalf of the builder.

Blower Door Test

Test your property for air tightness with a blower door test.

Duct Blaster Test

Measure the effeciency of the duct system in a residential build.

Energy Modeling

Gain a comprehensive picture of a home's total energy footprint.

Building Science West -  Your Energy Efficiency Partner

With more than 30 years in the business of residential efficiency, we understand Utah energy code better than most builders.You can take advantage of us knowing the ins and outs of how to qualify for the greatest possible rebates during your residential build

Building Science West

We have completed more testing and energy modeling than any other company in Utah, by a long shot. You can trust our reputation and experience for your home development projects.

Certifications & Programs


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Partner with Building Science West for the best possible outcome.

Avoiding the worst-case scenario.

  • Leave yourself exposed to liability for building a home that was not built to code standards
  • Lose out on money that could have been collected
  • Waste time figuring out the new changes to Utah housing code
  • Trade focus time on building projects for labor-intensive paperwork
  • Leave your trades guessing as to where the problems are coming from

What's possible!

  • Pass energy code without having to use prescriptive methods
  • Become eligible for utility rebates for documenting the efficiency of the new home
  • Save time for yourself and your office staff
  • Quickly understand where leaks are happening, if there is a failed test
    Receive simple fixes for improving the air-tightness of the property
  • Promote energy efficiency as a value proposition for homebuyers
  • Homeowners save hundreds and thousands of dollars in energy costs in the long run
  • Profitability improves with a more valuable finished product
Ivory Homes

"With our association with Building Science West/Survey & Testing Services we are able to build the most energy-efficient homes possible, using proven systems and technologies that provide our customers with the highest level of comfort and value.  They have made our participation in utility incentive programs easy and seamless as they interact constantly with these programs on our behalf and as our advocate."

- James Jonsson, Ivory Homes

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