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Building Science West has always done its best to partner with its builders.

Building Science West Construction Partner

Mitch Richardson officially opened doors of Building Science West, in 1996 as a partner to large developers and small builders.

The company’s purpose includes validating new home’s energy efficiency and work to leverage financial programs provided to incentivize energy efficient construction.

Not only has Building Science West has weathered challenges over the past 22 years, like the great recession, the industry giant has proven what it means to be a builder’s ally in a system that is set up to give developers a natural adversary. Because of the founder’s powerful personal connection to the building industry and the process of constructing a quality product, Building Science West has always done its best to partner with its builders.

"We work consistently throughout the building process to be an advocate for the builder, and work with them, in helping them to meet the requirements of building code and ENERGY STAR and any other program they want to follow."

Corporate Values

Build the best regardless
of what is mandated.

Understand programs better than anyone

Leverage tax and
utility incentives

Energy Modeling

Building Science West Building Testing Services

Why Clients Come Back Over and Over

  • Building Science West is the most extensive survey & testing services company across the Wasatch Front and throughout the state of Utah.
  • We have economies of scale because of our team size, and can easily accommodate a large volume of jobs in a timely manner.
  • We offer energy modeling services in house.
 They do it day in, and day out, they are really good at it.
  • Field staff that does the testing they do more of that than any other competitor.
  • Our team is big enough that we have specialization of labor. Everyone is incredible in their specific work niche.
  • Requests for testing can be fulfilled quickly because we have field staff across a variety of geographical regions. On any given day we have people who are north and south from Lehi, Salt Lake City, Herriman, Ogden, to Eagle Mountain.

Core Pillars:

Handshake with Builders on construction site

Interact with developers
at the beginning of the projects.

Provide training up front, inspections throughout, verification at the end.

Act as a partner, not adversary.

Our Commitment is to:

Energy Mapping4
  • Strive to offer the best service in our industry.
  • Take good care of our customers.
  • Listen to what our customers need.
  • Be experts in current and future energy code requirements
  • Maintain top level education and experience
  • Understand and teach the most cost-effective means to build a product that represents industry best practices.

Dad insisted on building a home in the 1980s that rivals today's energy efficiency standards.

Owner and founder Mitch Richardson grew up as the son of a home builder. He recalls, “Sunday afternoons at our house, meant it was time for us to pile in the car and look for raw land to develop.” He spent his childhood on job sites, building homes with his dad.

His father constructed homes that were as energy efficient in the 1980s as we commonly see now. Very progressive for the time, he believed that building solid is the best way, rather than throwing properties up as inexpensively that was allowed by code. This philosophy affected Mitch as a child a young adult. Early on it was instilled the sense to always construct homes the right way.

As a business, our job can be viewed by some to be in an adversarial position to builders who are striving to pass inspection and to qualify for rebates. However, our founder's personal commitment to building the right way has positively influenced the entire process and system within our organization. Builders quickly realize that we are an unexpected ally in the energy efficiency testing process. From start to finish, we are your partner as you plan, prepare and execute your development projects.

Dad and Kid, start of Green Building Services

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