Energy Modeling

Do you want to know what your HERS score is for a residential property?

As your energy efficiency partner, at Building Science West we can create a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score for your home. This number is a simple summary showing the energy efficiency of the house and can be used to qualify for utility rebates. Immediately a decision maker can understand the cost benefit ratio for additional upgrades.

Where does the HERS score come from?

The HERS score is a compilation of data collected from the entire house. A few key pieces include calculations from:

Overall Floor Plan

Water Heater Efficiency & Appliances Details

Sq. Footage & Exterior Walls Insulation

Window Thermal Efficiency & Air Tightness

Attic Insulation Level

Furnace and Air Conditioner Efficiency

Window to Wall Ratio

Lighting Efficiency

Blower Door Test Results

Home Location & Orientation

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The HERS score comes from calculating over 15 points.

Our team puts all of that data in a software program and begins a simulation for the energy that home will use. You will know how much power that particular home will use each year and will produce a HERS score, that runs from 0 to 100. 100 represents a new home built in 2006, and 0 depicts a house that uses no energy (or generates as much energy as it uses). The lower the score, the better.

Why is this score so valuable?


Not only can this score be used to qualify for rebates from the utility companies, the information that this program outputs is valuable for homeowners making decisions about energy efficiency upgrades. For example, you can add a 95% energy efficient furnace to the plan. Instantly you will know how much money you will save annually in your natural gas costs and be able to calculate the upgraded investment for the furnace in contrast to the annual savings in your utility bills. You can tinker with the investment in windows, HVAC equipment, appliances and more, in order to make the most informed decision on how you want to spend your money on efficiency measures.

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